Mesa City was a city in North America that acted as the residence of Muggshot and his goons before his subsequent arrest. The episode, Sunset Snake Eyes, takes place here. Mesa City was once a bustling American boomtown located in the Utah desert. Muggshot scared off its citizens and populated it with casinos and hotels (initially making it his own turf during the events of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus). Muggshot's office was located within his largest casino's tallest point, and seven keys were required in order to open it. The city was restored to normal once Muggshot was defeated by Sly and arrested by Carmelita.


Mesa City is mostly noticeable by its desert-like terrain. Off the steep, rigid cliffs, the desert expanse continues and a narrow river is visible. Most of the buildings within the city have been abandoned due to Muggshot's reign. The main citizens of the city were replaced by dalmatians, doberman pinschers, and of course Muggshot himself. The buildings and roads have fallen into disrepair and the bridges are mostly broken, with train cars placed over them to advance from place to place. The only buildings within the city that are not abandoned are Muggshot's own casinos. After Muggshot's defeat and arrest, the land was re-populated by the exiled locals.


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