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Mega Charge Attack is a set of two purchasable power-ups, one for Sly Cooper and another for Murray, as well as a default ability for Sly's ancestors, in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


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The Mega Charge Attack allows the user to further charge a Spin Attack, either a Cane Spin or Fist Spin, to unleash a more powerful ranged attack. The spin is performed by holding TriangleButton until the charge enters its second phase, after which TriangleButton is released. The actual attack that follows varies for different users.

Sly Cooper

Sly will jump and spin in the air, at the same time flipping his cane a little higher in the air. Sly then grabs the cane and slams it into the ground, causing a damaging shockwave. Sly is the only Cooper whose Mega Charge Attack needs to be purchased as a power-up before use.


Murray will quickly take three steps forward, each time throwing a punch. During the attack, the player can move Murray in any direction, altering where the punches can land. Murray's Mega Charge is sold separately from Sly's on ThiefNet.

Rioichi Cooper

During the second phase of the charge, Rioichi separates his cane into dual canes. When the charge is released, Rioichi will front-flip in the air, in the process attaching shuriken to the dual canes. He then slams the dual canes into the ground, which causes a shockwave and the shuriken to spread out. The shuriken does not extend much past the shockwave.

"Tennessee Kid" Cooper

Tennessee will cheerfully jump into the air, holding his hat in one hand and pointing his cane gun at the ground with the other. He then fires multiple shots downward, with the force of the shots keeping him in the air. During the attack, the player can freely move Tennessee in any direction, altering the area where the attack can deal damage.

Bob Cooper

Bob will jump, hold his weapon across his chest, and tuck his body around the weapon. After touching the ground, Bob rolls a short distance forward, damaging any enemy that comes into contact with Bob during the roll. During the attack, the player can move Bob in any direction, altering the area where the roll can deal damage.

Sir Galleth Cooper

Sir Galleth will jump, holding his lance above his head and with the hook end facing straight down. He then slams the lance down, causing a damaging shockwave around him.

Salim al-Kupar

Salim will hop into the air, cross his arms, bend his legs backward, and use magic to summon a damaging mini-tornado underneath him. During the attack, the player can freely move Salim in any direction, altering the area where the tornado can deal damage.


  • When performed by all Coopers except Salim, there is a slow-motion effect between the preparation for the attack and the attack itself.
  • While it is likely a coincidence, the way Bob rolls along the ground during his Mega Charge looks similar to the Roll move that Sally Cooper would later be credited with developing.