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"Bentley: OK Sly, we need to send Carmelita a radio pulse so she can home in on the blimp. To do that I'll need you to get on top of four VERY tall towers, they're too big to climb and too tall to jump up normally.
Sly: What's this got to do with this thing you've got me wearing?
— Bentley telling Sly how to contact Carmelita

Mega-Jump Job
Chronological Information
Next"Carmelita's Gunner"
Real World Information
'Sly 2: Band of Thieves'
"Anatomy for Disaster"

Mega-Jump Job is a job in the "Anatomy for Disaster" episode of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Carmelita has agreed to help Sly and the gang battle Clock-La. However, she is unable to locate Arpeggio's blimp on her radar. They need to send her a radio pulse so she can locate the blimp. To generate the pulse, Bentley needs Sly to get on top of four very tall towers using a mega-jump pack and activate them.



  • Get on top of all four towers

How to Complete

The towers are too big to climb and too tall to jump up normally, so Sly must use the mega-jump pack to get on top of them. The mega-jump is assigned to the R2 button by default, but the assigned button can be changed in the gadget grid.

Once all four towers are activated, the waves from each of them will contact with the blimp's central antenna, creating the radio pulse.


  • Sly can mega-jump while on spires.
  • If the mega-jump is assigned to another button other than R2 when the job is completed, Sly will have it afterwards until he dies or goes onto the next job.

Video Walkthrough


  • To use the Mega-jump in game (besides this mission), you must complete the game 100%, pause, and enter RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, R1, LEFT.

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