Bentley: OK Sly, we need to send Carmelita a radio pulse so she can home in on the blimp. To do that I'll need you to get on top of four VERY tall towers, they're too big to climb and too tall to jump up normally.
Sly: What's this got to do with this thing you've got me wearing?
— Bentley and Sly discussing the use of the Mega-Jump pack[src]

"Mega-Jump Job" was a job for Sly Cooper in Anatomy for Disaster of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Carmelita has agreed to help Sly and the gang battle Clock-La. However, she is unable to locate Arpeggio's blimp on her radar. They need to send her a radio pulse so she can locate the blimp. To generate the pulse, Bentley needs Sly to get on top of four very tall towers using a mega-jump pack and activate them.


The mission begins with Bentley telling Sly that they need to send a radio pulse to Carmelita so she can home in on Arpeggio's Blimp. In order to do that, Sly will have to get to the top of four very tall towers that are too big to climb and too tall to jump up normally using the Mega-Jump pack that Bentley gave to him. It will allow him to perform a huge jump.

Sly traverses the blimp and heads to each of the four towers, landing on top of them with a Ninja spire jump, which causes a pulse to shoot out from each of them. After doing this, a beam shoots from each to the center pillar of the blimp. Bentley comes over the radio and tells Sly that Carmelita picked up on the signal and is headed directly towards the Arpeggio's Blimp. Mission complete.


  • To use the mega jump in game (besides this mission), you must complete the game 100%, pause, then enter RightButton,LeftButton,RightButton,LeftButton,R1Button,LeftButton.

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