Mech wolves were flashlight guards in Of Mice and Mechs in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. They were an artificial creature created by Penelope to assist her in watching over Medieval England as her main security force.


After Penelope joined Cyrille Le Paradox, was sent by him to Medieval England and developed the Black Knight armor suit, she used her mechanical expertise to create an army of mech wolves as security guards for both her castle and the area. They patrolled tirelessly and stopped only to refuel at the local tavern—The Rusty Toad.

When Sir Galleth Cooper attempted to defeat the Black Knight alone, he successfully plowed his way through hordes of mech wolves to the castle before he was defeated by the Black Knight herself. After Galleth was captured and put into the circus, a group of mech wolves were seen taking turns humiliating him at the dunk pool.

A group of mech wolves were eavesdropped on by Sly Cooper and unknowingly gave him the locations of the materials needed to assemble his Archer Costume. Upon Galleth's escape from the circus, the mech wolves continued patrolling, searching for him and the Cooper Gang, though their efforts all failed.[1]



A mech wolf's design included a half fur, half metal exterior with a mechanical wind-up in it backs as its motor. Everything below the chest other than the tail was made of metal. The back of it head was fur, while its face was metal with a pair of glowing yellow eyes.[1]


A mech wolf's weapons were a mini-gun that shoots small missiles and a sword.[1]



  • One of the mech wolves is named "Kraemer," which is a reference to Mat Kraemer, one of the designers for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.
  • When eavesdropping, they are heard to have social lives and kids.
  • These guards along with the Japanese Wild Boar guards, are the only flashlight guards of Thieves in Time to have falling animations. This can be seen by throwing them with Murray or leading them to a high place.
    • Coincidentally, both flashlight guards were the first revealed along with their respective locations.
  • They are the only Flashlight Guards in Thieves in Time to wear actual flashlights.
  • The Mech Wolves bear a striking resemblance to that of the Wirewolf from the popular TV series and video game Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.


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