Made of the finest porcelain, this lucky cat statue is said to bring both luck and wealth, thus ensuring pick-pocketing success.
— In-game description[src]

The Lucky Neko is a treasure found in Turning Japanese of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. It is worth 145 coins, and the time limit to return it is approximately 15 seconds before it disappears.


The Lucky Neko is a round golden cat with one paw raised in the air and one paw down at its side, holding a tray. It has a large smile on its face, and on its chest is a banner with "大吉" written on it, which means "excellent luck" in Japanese. The Neko is usually displayed at the entrance of shops, restaurants and other businesses as a sign of luck.


The Lucky Neko is located near the center of the Japanese village map, atop a large stone tower with twigs holding up nests around it. Use these twigs to Ninja Spire Jump to the top of the tower, where the Lucky Neko will be sitting. If the Thief Costume has been obtained, use its ability immediately after picking up the treasure. If you do not have the Thief Costume, use the Paraglider to reach the safe house as fast as possible.


The map location of the Lucky Neko