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Find where Salim is hiding by collecting DNA evidence for Bentley.
— Job description[src]

"Lost and Found" was a job for Sly Cooper in 40 Thieves of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


  • Bentley: Okay, Sly. Word on the street is that Salim al-Kupar was driven into hiding, but that he's still in the area. We need to figure out where he's hiding, and then found out why. To facilitate that, I've built you a new toy.
  • Sly: Cool! Is it a robotic turtle butler?
  • Bentley: No, after gathering data from your ancestors, I've been able to map the Cooper DNA! I've modified your binocucom with a new visual guidance system that I've programmed to detect anything that Salim al-Kupar may have come into contact with.
  • Sly: Wow, Bentley. That's some real science fiction!

Sly's began his search at the lamp shop. Inside, Sly used his binocucom and saw Salim's footprints.

  • Bentley: Wow, I wonder if Salim was seeing if you could summon a genie from one of these lamps. He must be really desperate. Activate your binocucom and scan the surrounding area. You should see a glow on any objects that Salim has recently touched.

Sly looked through his binocucom and saw a glow around a lamp with Salim's fingerprints on it. He took a photo of it. Bentley directed Sly to a large door at the end of the shop.

  • Sly: Sly, that door definitely does not belong here! You better get a picture of that as well so I can analyze it.

Sly took a photo of the strange door for Bentley. Then, he exited the lamp shop and looked for more clues around the city. By following Salim's footprints, Sly found three objects: a carpet with Salim's heat imprint, a comb with Salim's hair follicle, and a camel saddle with cloth fiber on it.

  • Bentley: Okay, Sly. I'm collating all the data and it appears... Salim is on a boat!?

Sly headed for the boat Salim was on. He found his ancestor sitting and eating a bowl of food.

  • Sly: Greetings. You're Salim al-Kupar, aren't you?
  • Salim: And who are you?
  • Sly: Uh, well, that part's kind of... complicated. I'm a thief, like you, but I'm kind of new in town. How about you come back to my gang's hideout and I can explain myself?
  • Salim: How about you go lick a camel's hump?
  • Sly: Oookaay. Look, I know you're in trouble. I'm here to help. i can explain everything, but let's go where we can talk safely. Besides, you look hungry. how would you like some food?
  • Salim: Food? It was foolish of you not to mention that in the first place! Let's go!

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