Find where Salim is hiding by collecting DNA evidence for Bentley.
— Job description[src]

"Lost and Found" was a job for Sly Cooper in 40 Thieves of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.

Background Edit

Sly must figure out where Salim is hiding out at.


Salim is hiding out somewhere in the Arabian city. Bentley needs Sly to collect DNA samples from items Salim has recently been in contact with, that way he can correlate them and figure out his exact location First. Sly must head inside the lamp shop to collect the first sample. Bentley also has him photograph the strange door up ahead. After that, Sly heads back out to collect more samples, which include a hair follicle, a rug and clothing used for the camels.

After collecting enough data, Bentley was able to figure out that Salim is on a boat. Sly heads over to the boat and walks in through the curtains. He spots Salim eating from a bowl. Not recognizing Sly, Salim asks who he is. As complicated it is for him to answer that, Sly insists on bringing him back to the hideout so he can explain the situation to him. Salim tells him to go lick a camel's hump. Sly then sees that Salim has finished his food and still looks hungry. He decides to offer him some more, as long as he comes back to the hideout with him. Salim eagerly accepts, saying it was foolish of him not to mention food in the first place.