Long Toss was a vault power-up that appeared in Jailbreak of Sly 2: Band of Thieves. The code is 2-4-8.


It was found in The Contessa's first safe, which is in a tunnel behind her house that is patrolled by the tank with the red light.


The long toss was used by Sly Cooper and Bentley. It allows them to throw other power-ups, such as Sly's Alarm Clock and Bentley's Trigger Bomb, farther than normal.

Affected power-upsEdit


  • Alarm Clock
  • TOM
  • Music Box
  • Rage Bomb


  • Trigger Bomb
  • Health Extractor


  • The long toss only shows up on Bentley's gadget grid.
  • This is the only power-up that affects all three characters, though Murray doesn't have any thrown power-ups.

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