Lizards were enemy guards faced by Sly and the Gang in Ancient Arabia. They served as rooftop guards.


These lizards are small for their size. They wear a white vest and a white turban, along with white bracelets on their arms. They have green scales and a blue underside. Their weapon of choice is a brownish-yellow stinky gas shooter similar to Le Paradox's Rat trooper guards. it can shoot stinky gas (possibly Le Paradox's) and stink bombs. They also use their tongues to attack or just throw rocks. When you attack them, they occasionally dodge your attacks.


  • When doing their falling animation, they sometimes don't scream or make any sound.
  • These guards are the only Thieves in Time rooftop guards that their defeat animation doesn't involve bouncing on the ground.
  • In the opening cutscene for 40 Thieves, these guards are seen carrying swords, while in-game, they do not.