Lizards were enemy guards faced by Sly and the Gang in Ancient Arabia. They served as rooftop guards.


These lizards are small for their size. They wear a white vest and a white turban along with white bracelets on their arms. They have green scales and a blue underside. Their weapon of choice is a brownish-yellow stinky gas shooter similar to Le Paradox's Rat trooper guard|rat guards]], it can shoot stinky gas (possibly Le Paradox's) and stink bombs. They also use their tongues or throw rocks. When you attack them they occasionally dodge your attacks.


  • When doing their falling animation, sometimes, they don't scream or do any sound.
  • These guards are the only Thieves in Time rooftop guards that their defeat animation doesn't involve bouncing on the ground.
  • In the opening cutscene for 40 Thieves these guards are seen carrying swords while inside the game they do not carry swords.

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