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List of Trophies (The Sly Collection)

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This is a list of trophies that are found only in The Sly Collection. You may be looking for the trophies for the first, second, or third games.

The following are trophies that can be earned in The Sly Collection.

The Sly Collection was a remastered collection of the first three games in the Sly Cooper series. Also included on the disc version of The Sly Collection were four minigames exclusive to it. This page lists trophies that can be earned in those minigames.

Note: Purchasing The Sly Collection on the PlayStation Network does not give you access to these games or their respective trophies. They are only accessible on a physical copy.


Trophy PinkHippoMash Pink Hippo Mash PS3Gold
Score 6,000 points in Guru Dart Shooter
Trophy CarmelitaCrimeCrunch Carmelita Crime Crunch PS3Gold
Score 7,000 points in Interpol Target Practice
Trophy MoveIt Move It! PS3Silver
Score 5,000 points in Treasure Snagging!
Trophy RemoteControlledTurtle Remote Controlled Turtle PS3Silver
Score 8,000 points in Bentley RC Race
Trophy TreasureHunter Treasure Hunter PS3Bronze
Play Treasure Snagging!
Trophy TrainedStudent Trained Student PS3Bronze
Play Guru Dart Shooter
Trophy WhereIsPenelope Where is Penelope? PS3Bronze
Play Bentley RC Race
Trophy InterpolRookie Interpol Rookie PS3Bronze
Play Interpol Target Practice

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