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Bentley: OK Sly, that's it! The Contessa's giant attack robot!
Sly: Look Bentley, with all due respect it looks an awful lot like a water tower.
Bentley: Don't be fooled! That's what she wants you to think. If we try to free Murray while that thing is operational... why...
Sly: What? We'll have plenty of driking water?

— Bentley and Sly, discuss about The Contessa's Giant Attack Robot

"Lightning Action" is a job for Sly Cooper in the Jailbreak episode of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Disable all of the lightning rods so lightning will strike and take out the giant attack robot.
— In-Game Description

Destroy the Contessa's giant attack robot so that it will not cause any trouble while Murray is being rescued. To do this, Sly must disable five lightning rods around the area. The lightning rods are used to draw lightning bolts away from the robot. Once they are all disabled, the lightning won't have any rod to strike, and will go to the robot instead.


  • Disable all the lightning rods


Upon reaching the mission marker, Bentley will tell Sly where the giant attack robot is. Sly states will all due respect it looks like a water tower. Bentley tells Sly to not be fooled as that is what the Contessa wants them to think. It will be disastrous if they try to rescue Murray while that robot is operational. When Sly jokes about the situation, Bentley states he is serious about this and Sly quickly apologizes, knowing he owes Bentley for saving him. Bentley will explain what the lightning rods around the area are used for before telling Sly what he needs to do. To destroy the "giant attack robot posing as a water tower", Sly needs to disable all the lightning rods in the area. This can be done by turning all the wheels on the rod by pressing the circle button. The rods are not marked with beacons, so Sly needs to watch out for lightning strikes to find each one. If lightning is about to strike a rod, the area around the rod will brighten up. Sly should move away when this occurs. If you do not do this he will get electrocuted.

  • The first lightning rod is located right above the starting point of the job.
  • The second and third lightning rods are at the top of roofs sheltering the top of the prison walls. Climb up pipes and run across wires to reach these two rods.
  • The fourth lightining rod is near the safe house, on top of a roof sheltering a part of the train tracks.
  • The fifth lightning rod is on top of a house near the bridge.

Once all five rods have been deactivated, a lightning bolt will strike the robot, short circuiting it and rendering it completely useless. Bentley states that doing all this has proven them the "water tower" really is a giant attack robot.

Video Walkthrough

Sly 2 Band of Thieves Walkthrough - Lightning Action09:11

Sly 2 Band of Thieves Walkthrough - Lightning Action

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