Bentley: OK Sly, that's it! The Contessa's giant attack robot!
Sly: Look Bentley, with all due respect it looks an awful lot like a water tower.
Bentley: Don't be fooled! That's what she wants you to think. If we try to free Murray while that thing is operational... why...
Sly: What? We'll have plenty of drinking water?
— Bentley and Sly discuss the giant attack robot

"Lightning Action" was a job for Sly Cooper in Jailbreak of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.

Background Edit

Sly must disable all lightning rods to destroy the giant attack robot.


Disable all of the lightning rods so lightning will strike and take out the giant attack robot.
— In-Game Description

Bentley directs Sly to the Contessa's giant attack robot. Sly believes it looks more like a water tower, but Bentley tries to convince him otherwise that it's what the Contessa wants them to think. Sly must destroy the Contessa's giant attack robot so that it will not cause any trouble while they rescue Murray. To do this, Sly must disable the five lightning rods around the area. The lightning rods are used to draw lightning bolts away from the robot. Once they are all disabled, the lightning won't have any rods to strike, and will go to the robot instead. Sly must follow the lightning strikes to locate each rod. He must also steer clear when the rod glows red or he will get electrocuted. Once all of the rods are disabled, a lightning bolt strikes the robot, causing it to fall apart, and like Bentley said, it was a robot.

Trivia Edit

  • When the robot falls apart, it makes noises similar to Clock-La.