Sly: Listen up dirtbags... Time to clear out, from now on this bar is Cooper Gang turf!
Miner: Tough talk Wagga, but you ain't got no respect with us. We here are known around these parts for our drinkin' skills...and this just happens to be a lemonade bar.
— The Cooper Gang confronting miners in the Outback Bar[src]

"Lemon Rage" was a job for Sly Cooper, Bentley and Murray in Rumble Down Under of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.

Background Edit

The gang must drive the miners out of their lemonade bar.


Sly, Bentley and Murray head over to a nearby lemonade bar. Sly tells Bentley and Murray to get tough and angry as it is time to intimidate the miners. Bentley is questions if he could do it, asking them how they get angry. Sly states that their main goal is to drive out the miners and they will do whatever it takes.

Once they are inside, they are faced with three dingoes. Sly acts tough and tells them to clear out as the bar is now Cooper Gang turf. The dingoes challenge them to lemonade drinking contest, which they accept. They head over to the table to begin. Whoever downs the drink faster wins for their team. Sly is first, then Murray, and then Bentley. The gang wins, but the dingoes claim that Bentley cheated. Having no tolerance at all for this, the miners turn on the electric fence and the two teams break out into a fight. Several other guards come in, including kangaroos.

With the whole place packed with goons, each gang member must defeat these goons, which they successful do. However, a giant dingo wearing the Mask of Dark Earth come in and creates havoc. As Sly keeps him occupied, Bentley and Murray work together to stun him, so that Sly can attack him. Bentley will create bombs that Sly must lure him over to stun him. Murray will knock him out by tossing barrels at him. This process is continued until Sly finally kills him, allowing the mask to escape... again. Despite this, bar is still clear of the miners.


  • In the game's demo, the guards spawn no coins when defeated.
  • This job takes place at night (Day 2), but you can see outside that it is still day like it was before.
  • Bentley reveals he is allergic to lemons, which is one of the things he would say when Sly or Murray is drinking.
  • This job was called "Lemonade Brawl" in the Sly 3 demo.