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Sly: Listen up dirtbags... Time to clear out, from now on this bar is Cooper Gang turf!
Miner: Tough talk Wagga, but you ain't got no respect with us. We here are known around these parts for our drinkin' skills...and this just happens to be a lemonade bar.

— The Cooper Gang confronting the Miners in the Outback Bar

Lemon Rage
Lemon Rage
Chronological Information
Next"Hungry Croc"
Real World Information
'Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves'
"Episode 2: Rumble Down Under"

Lemon Rage is a job for Sly Cooper in the Rumble Down Under episode of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


Clear out the bar of any remaining miners, then have a showdown with the Mask of Dark Earth!

How to Complete

When you go into the bar, the miners refuse to leave, so they challenge you to a lemonade drinking contest. Press Triangle, Square, Circle, and X in any order to chug down the lemonade. You will control Sly(drinks normal), Murray(drinks too much), and Bentley(drinks too little) in that order.

Once you are done with the contest, the miners say that the Cooper Gang cheated because Bentley spilled more than he drank. You then get into a brawl with the miners, where you control Bentley (worst fighter), Sly (OK fighter), and Murray (Best Fighter), in that order. Kill all the guards in the area. The guards turn on an electric fence, try to use that to your advantage.

A big guard wearing the Mask of Dark Earth appears and smashes the fence. Control will switch to Sly. Lure the beast towards Bentley's bombs and Murray, who is holding a barrel to throw. Once the boss is stunned, whack him with your cane. Do this three times to finish the boss, and it's Job Complete.

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