Wha... what?... the blueprints? They have been stolen?!
— A drowsy Rajan, after Bentley takes his blueprints[src]

"Leading Rajan" was a job for Bentley in The Predator Awakes of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.

Background Edit

Bentley must sneak up on Rajan to snag three blueprints from him while he's on his tour.


As Bentley suspected, Rajan comes out of the facility to start his daily tour of his spice operation. According to Bentley's sources, Rajan always carries three blueprints on him, which when read together, explains his whole operation. Sly comments on how unfortunate it is that Rajan doesn't have both parts of the Clockwerk Heart with him, as they could just put him to sleep and they could all go home.

Unfortunately, Bentley's sleep darts have no effect on Rajan. However, he figured out that Rajan has an insatiable appetite for Indian watermelons, which will put him to sleep instantly when consumed in whole. Once he is out, Bentley will need to creep up on him and swipe each blueprint. To lure him over to the watermelons, Bentley uses his sleep darts, which he equipped with a sonic disrupter. The strange sounds they make will lead Rajan from place to place.

After Bentley swipes the final blueprint, Rajan wakes up and realizes his blueprints have been stolen, causing him to retreat back into the temple. Sly then congratulates Bentley on his great field work, saying he is "really getting the hang of it."