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Le Paradox's gang was a group of criminals led by Cyrille Le Paradox that traveled through time to commit crimes, with the primary goals of proving Le Paradox to be a better thief than the Coopers, and establishing a false line of royalty for Le Paradox. The five lieutenants of the gang also each had secondary objectives that they tried to complete in their own time.


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  • Cyrille Le Paradox - The leader. Travels to different time periods as needed. Wants to prove he is the greatest thief in the world by stealing the Cooper canes and establish himself as royalty by forging documents in the past.
  • El Jefe - A mercenary commander. Traveled to Feudal Japan, 1603 AD. Assigned to steal Rioichi Cooper's cane for Le Paradox. Wanted to rule Feudal Japan as a dictator.
  • Toothpick - A Russian mobster. Traveled to Cotton Mouth Bluff, 1884 AD. Assigned to steal Tennessee "Kid" Cooper's cane. Wanted to rob the gold from Cotton Mouth Bluff to become a billionaire in the present day.
  • Grizz - A gangster/graffiti artist. Traveled to Gungathal Valley, 10,000 BC. Assigned to steal Bob Cooper's cane. Wanted to forge art in the past and hide it, only to dig it up in the present day to become rich and famous.
  • Penelope (Black Knight) - An inventor and Bentley's girlfriend. Traveled to Medieval England, 1301 AD. Assigned to steal Sir Galleth Cooper's cane. Used Le Paradox's resources to eliminate Sly Cooper, so she and Bentley could become billionaires by making weapons for the highest bidder.
  • Miss Decibel - A musician and hypnotist. Traveled to Ancient Arabia, 1001 AD. Assigned to steal Salim al-Kupar's cane and forge documents to establish a fake royal ancestry line for Le Paradox to use in the Present day. Wanted to do Le Paradox's bidding, so she could earn his love.



Each member of Le Paradox's gang employed a number of guards to protect and patrol around their various facilities:

El Jefe
Miss Decibel
Cyrille Le Paradox


  • There were originally going to be several more lieutenants, including a mole and an alligator.