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Concept art of Le Paradox's blimp

Le Paradox's blimp is Cyrille Le Paradox's time machine that he used in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. It was built by Penelope using plans that she stole from Bentley, the inventor of the technology that makes time travel possible.


Le Paradox used the time machine to travel throughout time, aiding him in his plan to both validate his thieving skills by stealing the Cooper Family Canes, and secure his future as a powerful ruler by forging royalty documents and hiding them in the past, to be found in the present. Inside the blimp was a time tunnel that Le Paradox planned on using to trap Sly Cooper and Inspector Carmelita Fox in an infinite loop through different time periods without sending the blimp through time with them. Sly ended up using the time tunnel to escape the blimp as it was being destroyed, and was sent back to ancient Egypt.


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