Tsao: This sacred forest has been the stage for hundreds of battles, as my ancestors crushed anyone who got in their way, and you will be no different.
Sly: Bentley, are you hearing this? What's he talking about?
Bentley: I've heard about these types of battlegrounds before. The energy from all the fighting that has gone on before strengthens the combatants, allowing them to soar long distances. You should be able to fly all the way across the arena with one jump! Plus you can probably change directions in the air with your double-jump.
— Just before Sly battles Tsao

"Laptop Retrieval" was a job for Bentley and Sly Cooper in A Cold Alliance of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.

Background Edit

General Tsao has raided the gang's safe house and stolen the ThiefNet computer, and Sly must get it back.


To find out where Tsao has escaped to, Bentley breaks into his palace and hacks his personal computer, finding information on a secret passage located under the prayer bell, then a "walk across the heavens." He informs Sly and tells him to bring along the Guru, as it sounds like a job for him as well. The Guru helps Sly complete the "walk across the heavens" by levitating guards and objects as he rides on his back. Once they make it across to the opposite mountain, the Guru gets tired and Sly lets him rest.

By himself, crawls through the opening in the mountain and enters an old battlefield filled with treetops. There, he confronts Tsao, who explains that this sacred forest has been the stage for hundreds of battles his ancestors fought in. Sly asks Bentley to clarify what he is saying. Bentley explains to him that he read about these types of battlefields before. The energy from all of the previous fighting strengthens combatants, allowing them to soar for long distances across the arena. Sly uses that to his advantage during this battle on the treetops.

After defeating Tsao in this first battle, Tsao drops down into the forest, with Sly jumping down after him. Sly tells him to release Jing King and the fight will end. Tsao refuses, stating that with the two of them married under the Tsao name, a new generation of kings will be unstoppable. He then explains that he "convinced" the Panda King to take up meditation, which made it easier for him to capture his daughter. Sly claims him to be the worst of all of the bad men he faced in his time.

The two engage in another battle. However, this time, Tsao decides not to take it so easy on Sly anymore, as he will use his shield to summon the dead and fire-breathing dragons. However, Sly still manages to defeat him. Tsao gives up the computer, but claims that the war is still on. However, Sly has no intention of dealing with him anymore, and attempts to finish him off, but Tsao kicks up a cloud of dust in his face, then escapes.


  • It's the first time a boss fight with the episode's main antagonist doesn't occur in the final mission.
  • During the second battle, if you try to use Sly's overhead attack( XButton then SquareButton), he will do a regular cane swipe instead.

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