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The Krakarov Volcano, also known as Clockwerk's Lair, was an active volcano located in Russia that served as Clockwerk's main base of operations and as the headquarters of the Fiendish Five. It was here that Clockwerk produced most of his high-tech weaponry and machines. The fortress was heavily guarded by Clockwerk's Death Ray and Robo-Falcons. Krakarov's road was filled with mines that would blow up if activated.


The Krakarov Volcano is surrounded by lava and rigid, sharp looking rocks. A path full of twists and turns exists at where Sly, Bentley and Murray enter at. Beyond the road, Sly and the gang enter a cave system littered with mines that ultimately leads to a circular room with lava on the outer sides. Beyond that is a computer room where Carmelita is being held prisoner. Outside that room is a huge, factory-like area. Further in the volcano's area is a bunch of towers. Sly ultimately battles Clockwerk in the heart of the volcano where it would erupt. That area has numerous rocks scattered throughout the lava.



A Hazardous Path

During the events of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, Sly and the gang traveled to the Krakarov Volcano to face Clockwerk, the enigmatic member of the Fiendish Five. Upon arriving, they realized that the road to Clockwerk's fortress was blocked by a massive steel door, which Sly had to open by shooting the lock with the van's turret. While venturing through the volcanic road, the van was attacked by both the Robo-Falcons and Clockwerk's death ray. After defeating the mechanical birds and avoiding the death ray's attacks, Sly and the gang entered the next area. Unfortunately, the cave was too short, and it destroyed the van's turret in the process.

Burning Rubber

In order to enter the base's main room, Bentley had to analyze the computers suspended in the cavern. Unfortunately, they no longer had a turret, so Bentley had to hack the computers' connection couplings in order to make them fall. Murray then had to smash 60 computers in order to gain access to the fortress' main room. However, they also had to accomplish this before the Fire Slugs destroyed the computers.

A Daring Rescue

After beating the fire slugs, Sly gained access to the fortress' main room, where Carmelita Fox was trapped in a containment unit inside a special chamber. Sly had to beat Clockwerk's defenses to enter the chamber. Once he was inside, Carmelita accused Sly of being the mastermind behind her kidnapping. Sly refused, claiming that he was there to rescue her. Once he broke the containment unit, gas filled the room, and Sly was knocked unconscious. Clockwerk then laughed through the chamber's screens, saying that empathy has always been the downfall of the Cooper Clan.

Bentley Comes Through

With Sly and Carmelita trapped inside the deadly gas chamber, Bentley tried to shut the gas down by hacking one of Clockwerk's computers. He had to collect thirteen codes in order to deactivate the gas. However, the computer's firewall was determined to stop him. Once Bentley succeeded, the gas was deactivated, allowing Sly and Carmelita to exit the gas chamber.

A Temporary Truce

After escaping the deadly chamber, Carmelita asked Sly why he saved her, seeing as she was his enemy. Sly answered that while they may be on opposite side of the law, she was not his enemy, contrarily to the murderous psychopath that was Clockwerk. Carmelita suggested a temporary truce, which Sly promptly accepted. She told him about the jetpack that she used to infiltrate Krakarov, which was on top of Clockwerk's death ray. Suddenly, a robo-falcon stole Sly's cane, but Carmelita managed to destroy the robotic bird. She then protected Sly from a wave of fire slugs while he tried to retrieve his cane.

Sinking Peril

After retrieving his cane, Sly approached Clockwerk's death ray. Unfortunately, Carmelita's shooting had destroyed the magnetronic support field of the death ray, and the giant machine was starting to sink into the lava below. Sly had to climb the death ray to recover Carmelita's jetpack.

A Strange Reunion

Once the jetpack was recovered and the death ray was destroyed, Sly confronted the wicked Clockwerk. Clockwerk acknowledged that Sly's efforts were remarkable, and claimed that the Cooper family always found a way to beat him. A surprised Sly realized that Clockwerk was the one in the background of all the pictures in the Thievius Raccoonus, and asked Clockwerk's age. Clockwerk replied that perfection had no age, and that he kept himself alive through the use of his hatred for the Coopers. Sly and Clockwerk then battled over the volcanic pits of Krakarov, which ended with Sly becoming the victor and Clockwerk falling apart and sinking into the lava.


Clockwerk's pieces were recovered from Krakarov and brought to Cairo's Museum of Natural History. However, it is unknown what happened to Clockwerk's base. It's possible that Clockwerk's machines fell apart and sunk into the lava due to lack of maintenance.



  • Krakarov is occasionally spelled "Krack-Karov."