This mysterious, figurative monkey sculpture is rumored to imbue its owner with the power of animal magnetism turning even the most sheepish of suitors into irresistible love machines!
— In-game description[src]

King Monkey Love is a treasure found in Cotton Mouth Bluff of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. It is worth 303 coins and has a time limit of approximately 45 seconds to get it to the Safe House.


King Monkey Love is a small green monkey statue holding a large red heart and has red jewels embedded into its eyes. It has a golden crown on top of its head and has a frayed tail.


Get on top of the train and ride it to the southernmost part of the map. Before the train crosses the suspension bridge, jump off of it to the right and land on a wooden platform built onto a large rock. Walk around the platform until you reach a bounce-pad. Bounce up, then use the Archer Costume to shoot a rope across the river. Cross the rope, then pick up the treasure. It is possible to glide back across the river with the Paraglider.

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