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Kinderdijk is a town in the province of South Holland in the Netherlands and is the location where Flight of Fancy in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves and the ACES Competition take place.

It appears to consist of vast farmland, as can be seen from the ground as well as up in the air. The Black Baron's castle is here, high up on a hill that overlooks the whole town. Windmills provide power to the small town, and stone dikes for which the town is named for protect the land from high water levels.


Under the ACES competition the bunny farmers are most likely common farmers who are paid by the Black Baron to guard the area along with the Black Baron's goons. As a weapon they use a pitchfork, and they wear traditional Dutch farming clothes.

The pig mechanics guard the area using tools and cans of gasoline. They will spray gasoline over you and put you on fire, or throw wrenches after you. They wear typical work suits.

The ram flashlight guards are bellhops from the hotel. They have the usual flashlight weapons.


Hidden Flight RosterEdit

Considering Dimitri, the ACES commentary, leaked the location of the cup's secret roster, Sly knew who he was up against.

Frame Team IcelandEdit

First, Sly stole Team Iceland's Viking helmet. Then Murray sabotaged Team Belgium's hangar and left the Viking helmet as evidence.

Frame Team BelgiumEdit

After Murray made a Team Belgium's pilots laugh, Bentley stole the teams lucky handkerchief and gave it to Sly. The Guru, with the help of a couple of possessed guards, broke the back of Team Iceland's special van. Inside the van was the vault containing Team Iceland's precious ice sculpture. Sly took the ice sculpture and replaced it with the handkerchief

Cooper Hangar DefenseEdit

Muggshot's idea of revenge was destroying the Cooper hangar outside, inside and under. Murray protected the inside, as Muggshot and his paid goons attacked. Muggshot held open the doors as an army of guards rushed inside only to be repelled by "The Murray". A girl who Bentley contacted for help named Penelope used her RC helicopter to protect the outside. It looked quite fun as she catapulted guards around the mission area using a tether to latch on to them, then fling them away. Bentley used his sewer traps to protect underneath the hanger. Lasers, fires and electric fences were really helpful along with some other surprises. Muggshot was unsuccessful in his assault, but still the Cooper Gang needed him to go.

ACES SemifinalsEdit

Sly, the only Team Cooper member that knows how to fly a biplane, competed in the first round of ACES which was between Teams Cooper, Iceland and Belgium. Sly was victorious mainly because Iceland and Belgium were really pitted against each other for the sabotage Team Cooper had caused.

Before the second and third round, Team Cooper was even better prepared. They needed to level Teams Muggshot and Baron and they needed away to destroy the Baron's satellite computers where he always called for back-up through his gunships.

Beauty and the BeastEdit

Bentley led Muggshot into a fight in town square. Since Muggshot was still on the wrong side of the law, Carmelita Fox, conveniently present, couldn't help but chase Sly, another outlaw, into town square. Muggshot and Carmelita dueled and the victor was the beauty over the beast. She put him behind bars, apprehending Team Muggshot's best pilot.

Giant Wolf MassacreEdit

After Bentley tranquilized the giant wolf guarding the Baron's woods, the Guru took over the beasts mind and manipulated him. The wolf slaughtered well over half the Baron's team all over the city under the Guru's control.

Windmill FirewallEdit

Bentley hacked all the computer consoles in the city, which were positioned on the windmills scattered around. Failing to shut down communication, Bentley discovered that him hacking the computers made the windmill blades spin out of control and break of, flying through the air.


Operation: Turbo Dominant EagleEdit

During the second round, between only Teams Iceland and Belgium, Sly put tracking devices on all the gunships. Murray had broke another windmill during his mission. They were ready for the ultimate dog fight in the third round.

The objective of the finals was the to shoot down the plane of the previous champion. After Sly shot down the Black Baron's triplane, the ACES champion parachuted to his personal airplane and called his gunships. Bentley destroyed them using the windmill blades. Sly paraglided down to the Black Baron for a brawl on his airplane wing.