Bentley: Don't feel like talking huh? How about a little of this?
Clawfoot: Ha ha ha.. drack! Ho ho, ha ha Ha!
— Bentley, tickling General Clawfoot to get information

"Kidnap the General" was a job for Murray in A Tangled Web of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Murray has to kidnap General Clawfoot, the head of security of the Contessa's castle, for Bentley. Murray is afraid he will hurt the old man, but Bentley reveals nothing but fire and water can harm him, meaning he can be used as a projectile if needed.

Murray grabs the General and brings him out of the castle to the gang's safehouse, where Bentley is waiting with a feather. Bentley begins to tickle information out of Clawfoot, including the security codes to the castle gates. Job complete.