The Jailbird Costume was a costume in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time that was obtained in Go West Young Raccoon.


Reserved for the worst criminals in the Old West, this prison outfit sports a heavy iron ball and chain attached to the wearer's leg, restricting movement. However, the wearer can use the colossal ball to smash objects and inflict massive structural damage.
— In-game description[src]
This costume is obtained during the mission, "Under Arrest" after Sly defaces all of Sheriff Toothpick's posters, steals his Cuban lollipop, and knocks down his banner. Wearing this costume allows Sly Cooper to hit and move a variety of large objects that have a red tag on them, using the large ball and chain. It also allows him to avoid floor lasers by rolling on top of the ball.

Freeing Tennessee Edit

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In this mission, Sly must use the costume to help his ancestor, "Tennessee Kid" Cooper break out of prison. He uses it to roll across laser grids, break open doors, activate switches or locks, and boost Tennessee forward on a melting pot.

The Toothpick 5000 Edit

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During this mission, Sly has to take part in a race called the Toothpick 5000. He must use the costume and roll on top of the ball to complete the race. He must be careful to not run into dynamite or the explosives being thrown by the Jackalope guards.

Fighting Toothpick Edit

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Sly must use the costume to defeat Toothpick on the train. He uses it to deactivate laser floors and activate the switches to the whistle. After getting dizzy from creating spinning whirlwinds, the boss will get dizzy and allow Sly to use the ball to knock him into the furnace to whack him with his cane.

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Jailbird Costume

Sly in The Jailbird Costume

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