Good evening to you my fine, fine associates. Octavio here. I'ma pleased to report that the tar suction levels are at an all time high! However, it saddens me to report that some of you haven't been keeping in time with the opera strut, if you know what I mean. I'd like to see Mario, Raphael and Julius in the main vacuum room immediately; we're gonna discuss your retirement package. And if any of you catch these boys make a run for it, well... shoot 'em in the back.
— Octavio over a PA system[src]

"Into the Depths" was a job for Sly Cooper in An Opera of Fear of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


Don Octavio's base of operations is a large opera house. If Sly can get Bentley in there and to one of the Don's computers, he should be able to hack into the security systems and get everything on his operation. They both meet up near a hatch on the side of the opera house, and head inside through there.

Once inside, Sly and Bentley find a door blocking their path. They are able to open it by pressing the green buttons on both sides simultaneously. After opening the first one, they come to another, and open it the same way. Then, they come to a larger area filled with water with boxes and gondolas floating on it. There is a door on the other side. Unfortunately, the boosters on Bentley's wheelchair aren't enough to get him across the water to the door. So, Sly heads through the room looking for a way to make a bridge for Bentley to jump across.

Climbing and sneaking past lasers, Sly makes his way to the door, which is reinforced. He presses a button, which causes crates to fall from the ceiling, allowing Bentley across. Once with Sly at the door, he returns the favor with a well placed bomb to the door. Up a flight of stairs, the duo comes to another room, this time with 4-inch thick bullet-proof plexiglass walls blocking the way ahead. Sly crawls through a vent in the side of the wall and emerges past all the walls. He activates a switch which opens the doors between the walls. Bentley goes through, and destroys another reinforced door. Down a flight of stairs, they reach another synchronized security door, and open it with success.

Upon opening the door, Sly and Bentley reach a control room with an old Worlitzer-700. As soon as Bentley starts splicing into the old dinosaur, Octavio's thugs start piling into the room. Sly easily takes them out as they come, while Bentley continues hacking. Once Bentley is done, they leave, now knowing all about the Don's operation.


  • Octavio invites three of his employees (Mario, Raphael and Julius) to meet him in the vacuum room to discuss their "retirement package" due to issues with their work. Julius never makes it there, suggesting he was shot in the back after attempting to run.
    • Rather than "whacking" Mario and Raphael, Octavio generously (due to carnevale season) lets them live and makes them his eyes and ears within the mob in an attempt to prevent any sabotage.
  • If the Hover Pack has been acquired (while replaying the job), Bentley will triple boost and hit the roof.
  • The Worlitzer-700 is likely a reference to the real-life Wurlitzer 700 Electric Piano. This is why the unit resembles a piano instead of a computer.
  • This is the first 3D job in Sly 3.

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