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Interpol Target Practice is a minigame exclusive to The Sly Collection. This game is 1-4 players. Sly Cooper, BentleyMurray and Carmelita Fox are playable characters.


The aim is to hit the target which floats across the screen (in all sorts of ways) to score points. The more it is hit, the more points are scored. By hitting the floating ball once, you will get 100 points. If you hit it 4-6 times before it floats off the screen you get 250 points.


Name Description Type
Trophy_InterpolRookie.png Interpol Rookie Play the minigame PS3Bronze Bronze
Trophy_CarmelitaCrimeCrunch.png Carmelita Crime Crunch Score 8000 points PS3Gold Gold


The Sly Collection Minigames Interpol Target Practice

The Sly Collection Minigames Interpol Target Practice