The Interpol emblem, as it appears in the games.

The International Criminal Police Organization, or INTERPOL, is a police organization in the Sly Cooper series. The main focus of Interpol is to arrest criminals and destroy organized crime groups, such as the Cooper Gang. Interpol often funds their top officers with cash allowances, allowing them to acquire mercenaries, tanks, fighter planes, and temporary headquarters.

INTERPOL officers

This is a list of Interpol officers that appear or are otherwise mentioned at some point in the Sly Cooper series.

Notable INTERPOL locations

  • Police HQ in Paris, France

This location is Carmelita's main headquarters and where she makes her plans on catching the Cooper Gang. It is near the Eiffel tower.

This HQ is one of the larger buildings in Venice. It is where Camelita makes plans to stop the tar pollution around Venice. It is also where Dimitri was held in prison until Sly Cooper broke him out.

This is where Interpol sent criminals to The Contessa to be rehabilitated. The Contessa abused this title to hypnotize criminals into telling her where they hid their loot. When news of her corruption spread to Interpol she was stripped of her title and arrested.

Constable Neyla uses an abandoned bank near The Contessa's estate to plan how to arrest The Contessa and steal the Clockwerk eyes. It was haunted by the ghosts of the evil Wolf Priestess in an attempt to convince Neyla to hire an air force against The Contessa.

The most notable prison, since almost every single known thief, guard, and boss went there, including Penelope, and Jim McSweeney.


  • Interpol is based on the real International Criminal Police Organization.
    • As it appears in the Sly Cooper games, Interpol is very dramatized from the real organization. For example, the real Interpol does not hold international jurisdiction, and it does not have armed officers nor mercenaries, nor does it have the right to make arrests.

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