Bentley: I've calculated the trajectory of these rockets and... I'm ninety-nine percent sure you'll be able to ride them all the way up to the top of that statue before they explode.
Sly: What about that other one percent?
Bentley: Well, in that case, Sly, you will be blown to bits - but the experience will no doubt be spectacular.
— Discussing how to get inside the Panda King's compound[src]

"Inside the Stronghold" was a job and hub level in Fire in the Sky of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. From here, Sly Cooper can access any other job in this episode.


There are a batch of giant fireworks locked up and three treasure keys are needed to unlock them. Once unlocked and launched, the fireworks will blow through a roof hatch. Sly can then access the other half of the hub, where there is another batch of fireworks.

Bentley calculated the trajectory of the rockets and is 99% sure Sly will be able to ride them safely up to the Panda King's statue. After collecting all seven treasure keys, he can unlock the fireworks needed to reach and fight the Panda King.