No way I'm going out as egg salad!
— Bentley[src]

"Ice Ice Bentley" was a job for Bentley in Clan of the Cave Raccoon of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


Bentley navigates through the local ice caverns to track down Grizz.


Bentley must enter local caverns belonging to Grizz and tag him with homing darts so the gang can get the code to his base.

At first, Bentley must use thermovision to track Grizz through the caves and comes to a large painting with Grizz viewing it. Instead of tagging him and leaving, Bentley decides to view the painting as well, and Grizz continues further into the cavern. Bentley realizes that certain spots on the painting are buttons which open the door Grizz closed behind him. Bentley shoots three buttons in the correct order to unlock the door.

After making his way through a few caverns and caves, he finds Grizz again and realizes he is running a pre-historic art scam where he paints paintings in the Gungathal Valley, and then digs them up in the present to sell them for a fortune. Realizing there is no time to waste, Bentley tags Grizz and leaves. With the bear tagged with the darts, the gang can attempt to steal the plans and get the code of his mountain base.


  • The name of this mission is a play on the 90s rap song, "Ice Ice Baby."
  • There are two rat troopers at the beginning of this job.