"I Smell a Rat" was a job for Sly Cooper, Bentley and Murray in the prologue of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


After the Cooper Gang was reunited by Bentley, they arrived at a Parisian museum to steal a seventeenth century samurai dagger. The artifact would be used to travel back in time and begin the Cooper Gang's mission to restore the Thievius Raccoonus and stop whoever was behind the disappearance of the book. The trio exited the Cooper Van and went to their posts—Sly to the roof, Bentley to the sewers beneath and Murray to the back alley.

Sly was the one to commence the operation. As he ran across a rope connecting two buildings, he caught sight of Murray riding on the top of truck. He questioned Bentley through his radio whether that was part of Murray's entrance plan. However, Bentley had no idea what Sly was talking about, stating that his approach route was through the back alley. Sly, seeing that Murray had made it to his planned position anyway, continued on.

After a close call with a security chopper, Sly came to a wire that led directly to the roof. He used his cane to zip-line across the wire and reach a pole on the side of the building. As Sly was climbing the pole, it bent under his weight and fell over. However, it was stopped by the edge of a building. Bentley told Sly that he would have to find another way to the roof. While making his way around the side of the museum, Sly passed by the window of a room where an unknown figure and two others were talking. Sly then made it to the roof of the museum.

There was a skylight on the roof where Sly would drop through to retrieve the dagger. Sly dispatched of the patrol guarding it and took the key to the skylight from him. He used the key to open the skylight and notified Bentley that he was in place. Underground, Bentley received Sly's message and began making his way through the sewers, bombing various pieces of machinery blocking his path and jumping across several gaps. Eventually, he found the entrance to the museum's security system. He bombed it and jumped through, barely stopping himself above a laser grid. He swung himself over the grid and reached the security control center. After dealing with the guards keeping watch, Bentley hacked into the museum's database and opened the museum's gate for Murray.

Murray entered the museum grounds and was immediately attacked by guards. He quickly disposed of each one standing in his way and came to the museum's warehouse. As he entered he found a single guard waiting for him. Suddenly, the door to the warehouse closed and several guards came out and walked toward Murray. They reached him and tackled him to the ground. Murray was able to get all the guards off of him in one swing, taking them all out in the process. He then destroyed the junction boxes connected to the security system. Once that was done, Bentley was able to shut down the security surrounding the samurai dagger.

Sly dropped through the skylight and took the dagger, leaving a calling card in its place. As he was about to exit, an angry Carmelita barged into the room. Seeing that Sly had seemingly turned back to his old ways, Carmelita attempted to capture Sly but failed. Sly quickly made his way back to the van where Bentley and Murray were waiting. As they were driving away they were surrounded by several security vehicles. At this time, Bentley told Sly to enter the artifact into the time machine. When he did the van disappeared, leaving for Feudal Japan.[1]


  • This job is the second time that the Cooper Gang broke into a museum in the prologue. This was also the third time that the Cooper gang had a mission in Paris, the first being in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus and the second being in Sly 2: Band of Thieves.
  • When Bentley enters the sewers, he says: "Ah, the sewer. I remember this from when I was a teenager!" This is a reference to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise; the characters are turtles (like Bentley) that live in a sewer.


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