Bentley: The Guru will start luring miners to a position near this giant crocodile. Your job is to throw thugs into the mouth of the monster.
Murray: Teach him to like eating miners, huh? That's a sinister plan Bentley, I approve!
— Bentley and Murray talk about the current job[src]

"Hungry Croc" was a job for Murray in Rumble Down Under of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.

Background Edit

In order to subtract a few more miners from the equation, Murray must some to the nearby crocodile.


Murray needs to teach the crocodile to like the taste of miners so that it would become a valuable asset in the gang's attempt to drive the miners out. It may even help deal with their Mask of Dark Earth problem. Bentley spots the crocodile swimming in a lake behind the safehouse.

The Guru starts luring miners to Murray's position by the crocodile. As miners came towards him, Murray must pick up 4 kangaroos, 4 dingoes and a flashlight miner dingo. Soon after feeding the final guard to the crocodile, it leaves the water and roamed the area, eating a miner wearing the Mask of Dark Earth. The mask still manages to escape, much to Bentley's frustration. Despite this, the job is still a success as now this will limit the amount of miners patrolling during the heist.


  • Music was added to this mission in The Sly Collection and the PS2 PAL version.
  • In the Sly 3 demo, there was no crocodile.
  • Accidentally killing the flashlight miner doesn't fail the mission. Another one will just come out of the lemonade bar.