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Bentley launching the Hover-Spectrometer.

The Hover-Spectrometer was a large disk that Penelope built in Dead Men Tell No Tales of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. It was comprised of several smaller disks, each containing data.


Dynamic DuoEdit

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Penelope and Bentley used the Hover-Spectrometer to download data that contained info about Reme Lousteau's diving gear. They hovered it over the roof of Skull Keep, and it caught the attention of one of LeFwee's guards. Frightened by its appearance, the pirate blasted it into pieces, with each piece scattering around different parts of town. Penelope mentioned that she programmed her tools to self-destruct if it was shot down or picked up. Despite the disk being destroyed, they were still able to collect the data by using Penelope's RC car to retrieve each part of the device, that way they could download the rest of the data and find out where the treasure map was located.



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