"Holland Treasure Hunt" was the ninth Master Thief Challenge of Flight of Fancy, and the 27th one overall in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. The challenge is to find the hidden loot as located on the treasure map.


Clue Directions
Upon the steaming lid to the sewers you start, the treasure is yours if you pace it out smart. Start on the manhole in front of the hotel.
It will take you 29 paces to cross the water without getting wet. Go 29 paces south, across the bridge.
Avoid the cheese that elevates your mind and body, take 10 paces away from it. Go 10 paces southwest, away from nearby bouncy cheese.
Face the well and take 7 paces backwards. Go 7 paces south, away from the well.
One windmill is alone and defenseless, take 9 paces toward it. Go 9 paces east, towards the windmill with no blades.
Penelope pretended as she looked down from this high perch, take 18 paces toward it. Go 18 paces southwest, towards the Black Baron's castle.
Gaze across and take 13 paces toward the home of the Cooper biplane. Go 13 paces east, towards the hangars.
This windmill is standing, but not by itself. Take 10 paces toward it to find the wealth. Go 10 paces southeast, towards the windmill near the river held up by support beams.

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