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"Jackpot, Sly! Look at all this stuff! Must be worth millions! And you know what that means... tighter security. You're going to have to be extra sneaky to get the treasure key here."
— Bentley advising Sly to be sneaky in High Class Heist

"High Class Heist"
Mona Raleigha
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'Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus'
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"High Class Heist" is a level in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. It is one of the four levels where Sly can obtain a treasure key in when he first enters "Prowling the Grounds".


The level takes place in Raleigh's treasury, where he stashes all of the loot he takes from wrecked ships. The level is packed with security that Sly must pass in order to get the treasure key.

There are 30 obtainable clue bottles in the level, and the vault is located about halfway through the level, near the security laser that follows you around.

In the Master Thief Sprint for this level, the player is given a time of 1:00 to get from the start to the finish.

Clue Bottle Locations

1 and 2: These two bottles are at the very beginning, right next to the red door that opens up for you.

3: After you're finished running down the hallway, a clue is to the right of the doorway, right before you enter the next room with alarms.

4-6: To the right in the next room will be three clues on top of a platform by the water in the area.

7-9: This time, head left for three easily missed bottles. They are on the left side of the statue, on the lower level.

10 and 11: Next to the Sly checkpoint is a vault. Destroy it for two bottles that will come out.

12-15: Destroy the statues on either side for four clues total once you jump to where they are resting.

16: This will take some maneuvering on your part. The clue is behind the giant flaming skull that you see. To get it, you must double-jump to the other side of the wooden beam, and again after that to obtain it.

17-20: Two more vaults are on the next bridge, where two beavers like to flop around for some reason.

21: After you take care of the beavers, a clue will be resting against a round platform up ahead.

22: While the sensors are spinning about, you should see a clue on top of one of the lily pads in the water.

23 and 24: Use your thief abilities to cross around the pole by the alarm for two bottles close to it.

25 and 26: Up ahead, there should be some heavy searchlights. Two bottles are resting there. Be careful not to trigger the alarms!

27 and 28: Even further ahead will be more bottles. Careful—the searchlights will go back and forth even faster.

29 and 30: At last, the end. Cross around the last pole for the two bottles hanging around behind it.

Video Walkthrough

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus Walkthrough - Tide of Terror - High Class Heist(06:11)
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