Bentley: Now the roster is kept secret from the pilots but not from the event staff.
Sly: Do we have a mole on the inside?
Bentley: Our "friend" Dimitri has been hired to give color commentary during the dogfights... He'll know where the rosters hidden.
— Bentley and Sly on how they plan to acquire the ACES Team Roster

"Hidden Flight Roster" was a job for Sly Cooper and Bentley in Flight of Fancy of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


The gang needs to steal the flight roster to figure out who they will be flying against.


Sly dresses up in a pilot disguise and heads into the hotel lobby, overlooking the area from the balcony. The place is filled with pilots who will be competing in the ACES Competition. If the gang is going to succeed in the competition, they'll need to learn who their opponents are. Bentley explains to Sly that in past years, teams would go out and sabotage each other's planes, in preparation for an upcoming dogfight. The flight roster's location is now kept a secret, to prevent that type of mischief from occurring again. However, the flight roster is not kept secret from the event staff. Their friend, Dimitri, has been hired to give color commentary during the dogfights. Bentley is sure that he'll know where the roster is. Sly must scout him out somewhere in the lobby.

Once Sly finds Dimitri, he asks him if he really knows where the roster is. Dimitri questions why he should talk to him. Sly argues that he knows he's going to tell him, otherwise, he would not have shown up. Dimitri explains that if he talks, he will be discovered, putting a pinch in his jig. Thinking he's being a little paranoid, Sly calms him down by complimenting him on his fashion sense. Dimitri agrees, saying that he should have no problem out-smarting the Black Baron, if he can out-dress him. He then offers Sly a deal, in which he will disclose the location of the flight roster if Sly agrees to owe him a big favor, which will be collected a few months from now.[1] Sly agrees to the deal, and Dimitri tells him where the roster is. It is located in the Baron's air hangar, hidden in a secret safe behind one of the paintings.

Before Sly leaves the hotel, the Black Baron shows up to welcome all of the pilots to another year of the ACES Competition. He then reminds everyone about the hi-jinks some teams have pulled off in the past, and then explains to everyone the rules of the competition, as well as the consequences for leaving the hotel after sunset. After the Baron leaves, Sly heads out as well, with Bentley warning him to be careful once outside.

Sly takes off his disguise and runs up to the castle to find a way in for Bentley. The drawbridge is up, so Sly needs to climb up to the top and find a switch. Bentley shows up and asks Sly to open the drawbridge. However, there is no switch, but he tosses down a catapult to Bentley, so he can launch his way onto the roof. Sly heads back to the safe house, while Bentley heads inside the Baron's hangar. Once inside, he heads for the painting on the left side. He opens it, but it is empty. He heads over to the one on the right and cracks it open. He finds the flight roster and grabs it.


  • While in conversation with Dimitri, getting a "wrong" answer does not fail the mission; instead, it gives addition dialogue:
    • If you pick "threatening violence," he would remind you that you'll be kicked out.
    • If you pick "threaten to expose him," he wouldn't care.
    • If you pick "promise to protect him," he would say that the Black Baron has too many men he commands.
    • If you pick "swear to keep it all a secret," he wouldn't trust you.
    • If you pick "refuse," he would still want you to take debt and flight roster or nothing.
    • If you pick "offer him a bribe," he would say that it won't help and he needs your help.
  • While the Black Baron is talking about sabotage, several pilots call out what happened in previous years:
    • Team Canada stole Team Ecuador's parachutes.
    • Team Iceland sawed the landing gear off Team Korea's planes.
    • Team Portugal put rat poison in Team Muggshot's coffee machine.
  • Both paintings in the Black Baron's hangar are of the Indian jungle in The Predator Awakes of Sly 2.