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Bentley: Now the roster is kept secret from the pilots but not from the event staff.
Sly: Do we have a mole on the inside?
Bentley: Our "friend" Dimitri has been hired to give color commentary during the dogfights... He'll know where the rosters hidden.
— Bentley and Sly on how they plan to acquire the ACES Team Roster

"Hidden Flight Roster" was a job for Sly Cooper and Bentley in Flight of Fancy of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. It is the first job in the episode.


Bentley needs the ACES flight roster so Sly will know who he'll be flying against. Procure the roster without getting into trouble.


  • While in conversation with Dimitri, getting a "wrong" answer does not fail the mission; instead, it gives addition dialogue:
    • If you pick "threatening violence," he would remind you that you'll be kicked out.
    • If you pick "threaten to expose him," he wouldn't care.
    • If you pick "promise to protect him," he would say that the Black Baron has too many men he commands.
    • If you pick "swear to keep it all a secret," he wouldn't trust you.
    • If you pick "refuse," he would still want you to take debt and flight roster or nothing.
    • If you pick "offer him a bribe," he would say that it won't help and he needs your help.
  • While the Black Baron is talking about sabotage, several pilots call out what happened in previous years:
    • Team Canada stole Team Ecuador's parachutes.
    • Team Iceland sawed the landing gear off Team Korea's planes.
    • Team Portugal put rat poison in Team Muggshot's coffee machine.

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