Heathrow Prison from The Adventures of Sly Cooper Issue 2

Heathrow Penitentiary is a maximum security prison that holds some of the world's most dangerous criminals. It is where Jim McSweeney turned himself in to after Dr. M's betrayal and Conner Cooper's death. Due to a remark by McSweeney, it is known that Heathrow is located in the United States.[1]


Sly visited the prison, after McSweeney sent out messenger pigeons,[2] in order to obtain the location of a map that led to Kaine Island, where the Cooper Vault was located. This map was later used during the events of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. During the time that he met McSweeney, Sly discovered that he was a part of his father's gang, which consisted of his father, Dr. M and McSweeney.


It is revealed in The Adventures of Sly Cooper that several of Sly's enemies (as well as others) are inmates at Heathrow,[3] serving time after their actions. This suggests that the prison is used for criminals caught by INTERPOL, and therefore any number of Sly Cooper's foes could be jailed there.

A list of known inmates follows:



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