Haiti is a country in the Caribbean islands of North America that served as the location of Vicious Voodoo of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. It is known for its jungles that served as Mz. Ruby's residence, and where she established her main base of operations. According to her, the jungle provided the perfect mojo for her schemes. Mz. Ruby planned to dump thousands of bones into the sea, and with her magic, use them to create an army of ghosts to take over all of Mexico.[1]

The Haitian jungle was filled with statues, creatures and locations which reflected Mz. Ruby's voodoo vibe. Once Mz. Ruby was defeated and arrested, her voodoo factory was abandoned.[2]


When Sly arrives in Mz. Ruby's Haitian swamp, one can see many trees growing throughout the filthy, green waters. Throughout Sly's adventure through the swamp, it appears that skulls with lights in them brighten up the swamp. Many slippery vines are also around the swamp. Down by the waters, Sly has to balance on thin branches in the filthy, green water and it leads to a small cave. Toward the end of Sly's first swamp adventure, Sly comes across a compound of decent size with a spiky wall and further into the compound are huts. The treasure key can be seen being protected in something similar to a fire pit.[3]

On the right side of the compound lies a very small island with the vault on it. Back behind the key is a small gate and a wall that leads to the swamp's center. The central of the Haitian swamp includes a lantern of some sort with candles all over it and around it. Thorns are in the corner of the swamp's center too, and so is a big wooden building where chickens are held. A higher point of the cliff has an entrance to a cave and if Sly looks to the right, he can see a spiky, black fence with gravestones beyond it. In the cave, sticks (possibly roots) block the way further into a green waterfall.


The Dread Swamp PathEdit

See: The Dread Swamp Path

Sly and the gang arrive at Mz. Ruby's swamp. Sly uses his new Rail Walk move on the vines of the swamp to explore the dreadful place. He comes across some of Mz. Ruby's swamp monsters and voodoo mystics. After he finds Mz. Ruby's treasure key, he moves on to the next area.

The Swamp's Dark CenterEdit

See: The Swamp's Dark Center

This is the main hub level of Vicious Voodoo. From here, Sly can enter several other levels. It his here that Sly first hears Mz. Ruby's plan to build an army of ghosts and take over all of Mexico.

The Beast's Cage

Sly near the Lair of The Beast's gates.

The Lair of the BeastEdit

See: The Lair of the Beast

Sly discovers a gigantic voodoo-protected gate which supposedly is keeping something inside. Sly ventures through the dark location until he comes across a giant serpent called The Beast. He must avoid the vicious snake at all costs and recover Mz. Ruby's treasure key. Once he succeeds, he moves on to the next level.

A Grave UndertakingEdit

See: A Grave Undertaking

Sly enters an area of Mz. Ruby's swamp that is filled with ghost cats. He must destroy all of the gravestones and find the third treasure key, before the ghost cats turn Sly into one of them.

Piranha LakeEdit

See: Piranha Lake

Sly finds another one of Mz. Ruby's treasure keys, but this one is guarded by a massive gate. The only way to open it is to light 25 tiki torches with the flame thrower on his swamp skiff. The flamethrower needs fuel, and the only source of oil are the piranhas swimming in the lake. Sly must run them down with his skiff and open the gate to the key before time runs out.

Decent Into DangerEdit

See: Descent Into Danger

Sly enters the center of Mz. Ruby's operation, a waterfall overflowing with bones and body parts, which Mz. Ruby uses to create her ghosts. Sly must venture through the dangerous location and retrieve another one of Mz. Ruby's treasure keys.

A Ghastly VoyageEdit

See: A Ghastly Voyage

Sly must use his skiff to destroy many of the gravestones spawning the dreadful ghost cats. He must be careful, though. The ghosts aren't going to make things easy, and a bad move can earn him a one-way trip to the depths of the swamp. Once he succeeds, he moves on to the next area.

Down Home CookingEdit

See: Down Home Cooking

Bentley makes a deal with one of Mz. Ruby's ghosts. The ghost cat promises to give Sly the last treasure key if he can whack 50 chickens for the ghost's pot of gumbo. Sly must whack the chickens and escape the crazed bomb-toting roosters before the time runs out.

A Deadly DanceEdit

See: A Deadly Dance

Sly enters the Skull Temple and faces the Chief Mystic of the Fiendish Five. Mz. Ruby mocks Sly's attempts to stop her and offers him a ride on her servant, Chumley, to get near her. However, such generosity is not without a catch. Sly must repeat everything Mz. Ruby does in a wicked game of Voodoo Simon Says. Once he succeeds, Mz. Ruby is defeated and put behind bars, and the Haitian Jungle is free of her malice.


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