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"Hackathon" is a two-player mini-game exclusive to Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. There are six levels, each with increasingly difficult enemies until the final level, which has a large skull-boss, similar to General Tsao's defense avatar.



Unlike the other mini-games, Hackathon is a co-op game, where you hack through various levels by defeating beasts and other security while losing as little health as possible. Bentley is Player 1 while Sly is Player 2, unless Penelope has been unlocked (if so, Penelope will be Player 2). Once a level is complete, you go into a docking station, where you will go to the next level. Each player has a health bar, and both players share 20 lives; once all the lives are gone and you lose the last of your health, it's game over.


There are asterisk-shaped power-ups in each level that occasionally appear. Here is a description of them:

  • Double- or triple- shooter
  • Shield
  • Laser that connects the two players
  • Arrows surrounding the players, if one shoots the other, it will create a wave that kills enemies
  • Clear the screen of enemies
  • Each player controls a turret on both avatars

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