Created by a cranky but clever Cooper, the Gyro Slicer 2000 was a hit during the Arabian Market Crash of 1001 AD.
— In-game description[src]

The Gyro Slicer 2000 is a treasure found in Turning Japanese of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. It is worth 301 coins and has a time limit of approximately 10 seconds to get it to the safe house before it disappears.


The Gyro Slicer 2000 is a handheld device with a wooden handle and crank. It has a bloated body with a floral design around where the crank attaches, and is covered with plates-and-rivets. The front is a blade housing covered with jewels that has a blade coming out of the bottom.


The Gyro Slicer 2000 is located close to where the Meditation Turtle can be found. It is perched atop of a rocky spire that protrudes from the murky waters below. To get to this spot, you will need to take either one of two routes. The first route is simple and easy. Get on top of the large building in the area where there is a black, smoke-stack tower. Get on top of that, where you will need to traverse across the rope to the top of the spire. For the other route, you will need to traverse a second rope (below the first one) and make your way up the nest-holding branches that protrude from the column. Beware, however, these branches react by flinging you into the air and down into the deadly waters below if you are not careful!



  • The Gyro Slicer 2000 is the second treasure on the Treasure Wall, to the right of the Meditation Turtle.
  • Based on its description, it can be inferred that Salim al-Kupar of Ancient Arabia was the creator of this device.
  • It was picked as a winner for part of the Treasure Design Contest. The creator's PSN name is sagazoolo, and they are from Switzerland.