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Sly in thief costume

The Thief Costume is a costume available for Sly in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. It was formally an outfit belonging to Salim Al-Kupar, but he lost it on a bet on a camel race as a prize for the winner of the bet. Sly has to get the outfit back so he can get Salim to trust that the Cooper Gang are trying to help him. In order for Sly to get the outfit back, he must be able to steal three priceless gemstones and give it to a snooty salesman that would not leave his post.


The costume makes use of two functions The first being the hourglass staff that gives Sly the ability to slow down time without slowing down himself. The second being a powerful scimitar that Sly can use to destroy objects, specifically chains and gears.

Other Appearances

The Thief Costume is also available as an alternate skin for Sly in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.



The staff that replaces Sly's cane so hooking on to objects is restricted.

Oddly using the paraglider is restricted and like all costumes, all ThiefNet mods are removed.


  • It is rumored to be the outfit of a real genie.
  • It can be used to slow down the countdown when trying to collect treasure, making it easier to collect it.
  • It also prevents enemies from stopping you.
  • The Thief Costume can be very helpful on missions when replaying them to get the Sly masks, It can also be used to catch the train in Episode 2.


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