The Guttural Roar is a power-up for Murray in Sly 2: Band of Thieves and Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. In Sly 2, it can be purchased for 1,500 coins. In Sly 3, it can be purchased for only 600 coins.


Murray lets out a massive hippopotamus roar, scaring all enemies away temporarily. After around 8 seconds, the enemies will recover from their fright.

If Murray uses the Guttural Roar out of an enemy's line of sight, they'll just start running for the given amount of time, which is around 8 seconds. After recovering from their fright, they will just slow down and act normally, walking slowly back to their patrol area. However, if Murray is spotted and have been fighting the enemies, they will run as before, but after recovering, they will start chasing Murray again. However, the enemies will usually give up after 5 seconds, and walk back to their patrol area.

The Guttural Roar is a quite handy power-up in a tight situation, where even Murray's mighty physical power just aren't enough, or if he is on very low health. To some point, it could be considered Murray's version of escaping from enemies quicker. Similarly, Sly has the Smoke Bomb, and Bentley has the Adrenaline Burst.


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