Bentley: Any problems with that guy?
Sly: Said he wanted to be buried in his mom's pasta sauce.
Bentley: Yeah... that's, uh, that's strange.
— After a conversation with a guard[src]

"Guard Duty" was a job for Sly Cooper and Bentley in An Opera of Fear of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. This introduces the use of disguises for Sly, and art decryption for Bentley.

Background Edit

Sly and Bentley need to steal the blueprints to the tar pumping station.


The blueprints to the tar pumping station are hidden in Octavio's three legit coffee houses. Bentley explains to Sly that since they destroyed Octavio's Ferris Wheel, he's gone all out on security, having each of his guards checking up on each other. Therefore, to avoid raising any suspicion, this job is going to require a different approach. Sly must don a Venice disguise and pretend to take the shift of each guard at the front doors of each coffee house, so that Bentley can head inside and swipe the blueprints. Each guard is going to ask Sly for a password, which he must quickly answer correctly to avoid detection.

While standing on top of a building, above the first coffee house, Sly puts on the disguise and relieves the guard at the door. Once the guard leaves, Bentley heads inside, cracks the art decryption and snags the first blueprint.

They now head for the second coffee house. Sly dons his disguise again and relieves the second guard, who is eager to try his mama's delicious spaghetti later on. Bentley heads insides and cracks another decryption lock, stealing another blueprint.

Now there is only one coffee house to hit. Located across from the police station, this coffee house is guarded by a guy named Tony B. The two head over there. Sly gives him the correct password, however, this guy also wants to see if Sly knows his nickname. Sly tells him he's new here, and that he was called in from Rome. Tony B, however, explains that he is well known in Rome, claiming he is "practically the Mayor of organized crime there." Sly tells him his phone is ringing, and that it is probably the boss. Sly searches for some other guards to see if they know Tony B's nickname. Once he finds out, he heads back to the guard and tells him his nickname is Tony the "Killer B." The guard leaves and Bentley heads inside. Sly takes the post. Once Bentley snags the last one, an alarm goes off, attracting a lot of guards to their location. Now that they have all of the blueprints, Bentley and Sly rush back to the safe house to lose the heat.


  • All of the guards protecting the coffee houses are in contact with one another, so taking one out will blow your cover and fail the mission.
  • After completion of this job, as long as there is at least one more job before "Operation: Tar-Be Gone!," Bentley will say "Ah, the safety of the Safehouse." Otherwise, the slideshow for the operation will play.