Lieutenant Gronk was the leader of a team of gorilla mercenaries who were initially hired by Inspector Carmelita Fox to help her capture the Cooper Gang. However, she also used them in Venice to help her stop the local crime boss Octavio. All the members of his team were equipped with missile launchers and jetpacks.

Gronk and his team also traveled to Australia with Carmelita as she pursued the Cooper Gang. They were seen attacking Sly as he climbed giant Carmelita to remove the Mask of Dark Earth from her face. Once the mask was off, Gronk's soldiers destroyed it, which resulted in an explosion that killed several of them.

Gronk and his team later appeared at Kaine Island to attack Dr. M's mutant. However, their efforts were not enough to stop the monster, and they suffered a high number of casualties in the battle. Gronk's fate remains unknown.


Relationship with Carmelita Fox

Carmelita's attitude to Lt. Gronk and his hired mercenaries seems rather ambiguous at most. On the one hand she is stern with them and seems rather unmoved when any of them are hurt or killed. On the other hand, she will compliment them on a "job well done" and "fighting with honor" if they do as they were hired to do. She also seems to be more resilient to damage than any of them.


  • Gronk and his team also appeared in the bonus movie Goodbye My Sweet, where they were protecting an extremely valuable Bavarian chocolate bar. They were defeated by the Cooper Gang, who made off with, and ate, the chocolate.
  • Gronk and his mercenaries appear to be eastern European based on their accent.

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