You know why The Grizz loves skating? It's clean, man. It's like, just me and the ice. No complications, no hassles, no worries.
— The Grizz[src]

The Grizz, or simply Grizz, is a male black bear with black fur and brown eyes. He teamed up with Cyrille Le Paradox, and was the antagonist for Clan of the Cave Raccoon in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. He planned on forging cave paintings, only to dig them up in the present and make him worth a fortune.

He was voiced by Fred Tatasciore.



As a child, the Grizz loved to ice skate for the way it made him feel free, as well as its "cleanness," where it was just him and the ice. As he grew older, though, he turned to crime to support himself. He became a common street thug and graffiti artist with a penchant for rapping who was suddenly plucked from the gutter and put into the lime light by a wandering art expert. He had his primitive art hailed as a brilliant new style called "Paleo-graffiti" and, for a time, enjoyed celebrity status. However, people soon got over the fad, realizing that his art wasn't as good as they originally thought, and he was thrown right back into the street. He began to hate the art community, and eventually returned to his criminal roots, becoming an art thief on INTERPOL's most wanted list. He was one of Inspector Carmelita Fox's main and largest targets, aside from Sly Cooper, and he had vanished before he could be arrested. The Grizz was hired by Le Paradox to erase the first Cooper from history, Bob Cooper.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

While in the prehistoric era, Grizz stole all of the local Pterodactyl eggs to use for paint. He then used the paint for his prehistoric art operation, where he and his crew would paint phony cave paintings and go back to present day, where they would dig them up and sell them for a fortune. Unfortunately his deal with Le Paradox hadn't gone very well since all the eggs were stolen by Bob, which frustrated the Grizz, who needed to keep his counterfeit painting production going despite Le Paradox neglecting him. After the Cooper Gang interfered in his plans he battled with Murray, using his skills as an ice skater to try and defeat him, but was ultimately bested and sent to jail, where he was given a long prison sentence. While doing time, the Grizz continued to paint and rap.


Physical appearance

The Grizz is a large black bear. He wears a purple tracksuit with two vertical yellow lines going down the right side of his torso, as well as a single yellow stripe on each sleeve, which are rolled up to his elbows. He has a yellow belt around his waist with a gold belt buckle. He also wears brown boots, and around his neck is a gold chain necklace that has a gold pendant. He carries either a large paint brush or scepter in his left hand. On his head is a medieval English crown.


The Grizz uses his large, threatening appearance to try and push others to do what he wants. He speaks with an African American dialect and a high level of arrogance thinking he can defeat anyone. He tends to shout every word that flies out of his mouth. While on the phone with Cyrille Le Paradox, the Grizz let a different side come to light, one that sees the world as against him, to the point where he views Le Paradox and the Cooper gang as equally against him. He often raps his thoughts and many of his sentences.


He is an expert ice skater, able to skate backwards, twirl, jump and move very fast. He can use his skating abilities in combat, generating shockwaves or blocks of ice to attack with. As a bear, he also has great physical strength that he can use to knock icicles and stalactites from the cave ceiling.

While the art world quickly tired of his so-called "paleo-graffiti," the Grizz still used his artistic ability to create intricate locks, as well as burying his art in the past to be dug up in the present for money.


Animal Type of Guard Weapon Description
Woolly mammoths Flashlight guards Slingshot Armed with a slingshot and a torch to see. They also attack with their tusks.
Sabertooth tigers Rooftop guards Boomerang Armed with a boomerang, they can throw it or use their fangs to attack.
Dodos Rooftop guards Beaks Use their beaks to attack.



  • In all of the artwork featuring the Grizz, he carries a scepter, giving him a much more kingly appearance. But in the actual game, he carries a golden, bejeweled paintbrush. Many fans believe this was mainly done as a red herring to keep the Black Knight's identity, and Penelope's betrayal, a secret from the public until the release of Thieves in Time, as Ms. Decibel and the Grizz, then called Grizzle B, had their artwork released at a time when not much about Medieval England and Ancient Arabia were known.
    • Only an ice sculpture of the Grizz in Clan of the Cave Raccoon retains the scepter.
  • The Grizz was originally planned to be voiced by Biz Markie, who actually did some demo readings pre-production, but Sanzaru chose the current actor instead.[1]
  • When Grizz sprints in the job "Duty Calls", his feet sound like a basketball dribbling.
  • The Grizz bears a striking resemblance to Dimitri as they both are artists, are associated with the color purple, enjoy hip-hop and are very much a "comic relief" in their respective criminal organizations. This, in turn, may make the Grizz an homage to when Dimitri was a villain.
  • He is the only member of Le Paradox's crew that didn't ever fight Sly Cooper, making him one of five characters overall never to fight Sly. The others are Rajan, Octavio, Jean Bison and Captain LeFwee.
  • When he is incarcerated his prison tag number is 6592.



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