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The Grapple-Cam is a power-up in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves for Bentley. It becomes available for purchase for 400 coins on day two of Flight of Fancy.


The Grapple-Cam is a remote-controlled bomb which is able to grapple from one place to another with ease. Included within its circuitry is a speaker with recording capabilities, which can be used to lure guards near the Grapple-Cam's location. The Grapple-Cam also possesses a level of attack functions (in Dead Men Tell No Tales, the Grapple-Cam acquires an upgrade of sorts, in which it is capable of shooting bullets).


Button Command
XButton Fire the grappling hook
SquareButton Self-destruct
CircleButton Taunt/insult
TriangleButton Exit view
R1Button Fire turret (only after Dynamic Duo in Episode 5)


The grapple-cam is able to distract guards through a speaker Bentley uses as one of its primary functions, allowing him to divert their attention by reciting insults or puns. This causes guards to dash near the Grapple-Cam's location, provided that the guards are within hearing range. Insults include:

  • "Yo Mama!"
  • "Eat dirt!"
  • "Hey, you, unattractive person!"
  • "Up your nose, with a rubber hose!"
  • "You will never find me!"
  • "Bawk, bawk, bawk, ba-kawk!"
  • "Aloha, idiot!"
  • "Hey, Fatty!"
  • "You're a bad person! I mean it!"
  • "Follow the sound of my voice!"
  • "Yo, ugly!"
  • "Come over to this position!"
  • "Over here!"
  • "I'm yelling at you!"
  • "Hey pay attention to me!"
  • "I'm right here!"
  • "You, with the low self esteem!"

The grapple-cam can self-destruct, and after the job "Dynamic Duo" it has a turret attached that can be used to manually shoot guards.


  • The taunt "Up your nose, with a rubber hose!" is a reference to the 1970s TV show "Welcome Back, Kotter."

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