Gorillas (a.k.a. General Tso) were enemy guards that Sly Cooper encountered in Fire in the Sky of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. They were the main security forces employed by the Panda King to protect his stronghold within the Kunlun Mountains and they served as flashlight guards. They were big apes that wore a green vest, golden bracelets, and purple knee protectors. They used their swords to destroy possible intruders, though if caught off-guard, they could be defeated with a single strike. Sly's binocucom states that they have hairy palms.


  • The gorilla's name, "General Tso," is nearly the same name of the Sly 3 boss, General Tsao.
  • When he hits or kills you he holds up his sword in victory, puts it in his mouth and flexes his muscles before choking and spitting out the sword before running to find more intruders.

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