The Geese were guards faced by Sly Cooper and the gang in He Who Tames the Iron Horse and Menace from the North, eh! of Sly 2: Band of Thieves. They served as Jean Bison's rooftop guards.


They had a light green head and neck, they wore a safety vest and a white shirt with blue overalls. They also wore brown boots gloves and a hardhat.


There are 3 different variations of the Goose guard:

  • Normal: Can be found anywhere. They wield shovels.
  • Truck Geese: Come out of tank trucks guarding Nunavut Bay. They wield axes.
  • Outhouse Geese: Come out of outhouses in the Lumber camp. They wield pickaxes and use garbage can shields.



  • These guards take six hits to defeat as Sly and three with Murray; the most of any rooftop guard, only shared with the Kaine Island rooftop guards.
  • The outhouse geese in Menace from the North, eh! take only three hits to defeat as Sly and two with Murray, making them equivalent to most other rooftop guards in the game.
    • Also, Murray's slam move doesn't kill these guys instantly.