The Gold Painting is a treasure found in Dimitri Lousteau's office, and it is worth 232 coins. There are two versions, but the one that Bentley gives to Sly is a forgery of the original.


The original painting is a copy of Edvard Munch's The Scream, and likely a forgery by Dimitri. The bugged painting is of Sly waving his hand.


In "Bug Dimitri's Office," Sly is tasked with replacing the original with the forgery, which has a bug inside it to eavesdrop on Dimitri's conversations. After the job is completed, Sly can bring the original painting back to the safe house. If Sly takes damage while carrying the real painting, it will be destroyed and cannot be collected again.


  • If "Follow Dimitri" and "Waterpump Destruction" are completed before "Bug Dimitri's Office," the painting is brought automatically to the safe house. You must watch the slide show cutscene after the job. If you reset, you will not get the painting.

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