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Go West Young Raccoon is the second episode in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. It takes place in Cotton Mouth Bluff, 1884 AD, and has Sheriff Toothpick as the antagonist. The ancestor is "Tennessee Kid" Cooper.


After time-traveling from Feudal Japan, the gang discovers that "Tennessee Kid" Cooper has been thrown in jail for his crimes. He was arrested by the insane Sheriff Toothpick, who is a mobster obsessed with gold. After Tennessee's arrest, Toothpick robbed the local bank of its gold, and later accused Tennessee. After Bentley explained to Sly that he needed to get himself arrested to help his ancestor, the gang got ready to break Tennessee out of jail and stop Toothpick.


Sly Cooper

Sly will have to vandalize Toothpick's posters, steal Toothpick's lollipop, and take down Toothpick's banner in order to get arrested.

Once in prison, Sly will have to follow Bentley's instructions in order to break "Tennessee Kid" Cooper out.

After Bentley intoxicates most of the guards in the saloon, Sly will have to make his way to the vent leading to Toothpick's office to launch Bentley's RC car.

Sly will have to use the ball and chain of the Jailbird Costume to beat Frenchie Le Stache's time in the Toothpick 500 to gain a key.

After Tennessee loses his gun, it'll be up to Sly to use his Jailbird Costume to defeat Toothpick.


With Sly in prison, Bentley is left to do the recon of the prison tower, the arsenal and the back wall.

Using a new disguise, Bentley will have to tail Toothpick to the mines where he has stashed Tennessee's cane and then hack the terminal to the door to let Tennessee in.

With his new disguise, Bentley will have to keep the guards busy by giving them his homemade sarsaparilla. Afterwards, he will have to guide his RC car to Toothpick's office to plant the bug.

After security is cleared, Bentley will have to hack the train's terminal to gain access to the train's whistle to help beat Toothpick.


While Bentley hacks the terminal to the door, Murray will have to use the nearby turret to defend him from the incoming scorpions.

Murray will be participating in the bare-knuckle brawl contest to get a shot at "Wildman" Wheezer to gain a key.

Murray will need to use explosive barrels to reclaim the team van.

"Tennessee Kid' Cooper

After reclaiming his gun, Tennessee will have to battle his way out of the mines.

Tennessee will have to follow the runaway wagon to rescue Carmelita.

Tennessee will have to work his way to each gate switch to the river leading to the prison, then afterwards shoot each lock to free the gang.

Tennessee will have to make his way through the interior of the train to reclaim his gold and to confront Toothpick.

Carmelita Fox

Carmelita will have to shoot each wall and enemies while Tennessee drives the boat.

Carmelita will be entering the shooting contest to beat Red Eye Robles score to gain a key.

Carmelita will help Bentley by clearing out security to the train terminal.


Sly defeats Toothpick, who gets stranded in the Wild West. The Van falls off of a cliff, and in an act of desperation Murray's necklace is put in the time machine. Luckily, it takes them back to Sly's first ancestor: Bob Cooper in Gungathal Valley.


Sly Cooper Thieves in Time Walkthrough - 18 Episode 2 "Go West Young Raccoon" (Opening Cinematic)01:20

Sly Cooper Thieves in Time Walkthrough - 18 Episode 2 "Go West Young Raccoon" (Opening Cinematic)

Sly Cooper Thieves in Time Walkthrough - 32 Episode 2 "Go West Young Raccoon" (Ending Cinematic)01:05

Sly Cooper Thieves in Time Walkthrough - 32 Episode 2 "Go West Young Raccoon" (Ending Cinematic)



  • The name of the episode is word play on the famous saying from John Babsone Lane Soule, "Go west young man, and grow up with the country," which concerned the then relevant Manifest Destiny.
  • If the player returns to Feudal, Japan after the missions "Under Arrest" or "Blind Date", the current imprisoned gang members won't travel to the level, thus leaving Rioichi Cooper and Carmelita as the only playable characters until the imprisoned members are rescued.
  • In the ending cutscene of Turning Japanese, there is a goof. When Bentley puts the sheriff's badge in the time machine, it says the year they are traveling to is 1883 while the world takes place in 1884.
  • The last mission has references to Back to the Future Part III, as it involves a time machine and a train.
  • In the heist, Bentley plans on diverting the train's route through a tunnel that leads out of town, but the train does not move in the right direction to be able to take that route.

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