Sly: This is it, General Tsao's palace. If we're going to get at the Panda King's daughter we'll need an inside track on the wedding.
Bentley: I'm ready with my costume, with any luck he'll hire me on as the wedding coordinator.
Sly: Great, if you get a chance try to score the rest of us some jobs as well. You can't have enough operatives on the inside.
— Discussing the current job[src]

"Get a Job" was a job for Bentley and Sly Cooper in A Cold Alliance of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


To get inside track on the upcoming wedding of General Tsao and Jing King, Bentley disguises himself as a wedding coordinator in hope of Tsao hiring him.

Tsao however believes to be competent enough to plan the wedding himself, but is in a need of a wedding photographer. Bentley recommends Sly, but Tsao insists to see samples of his work before hiring him. Bentley orders Sly to disguise himself as a photographer and take pictures of Tsao's guards around the area.

Sly takes 3 photos, heads to General Tsao's palace and takes some pictures of him as well. Sly presents Tsao his pictures, who seems to be impressed and hires Sly to be his wedding photographer. Sly thanks Tsao and assures the wedding will be quite unforgettable.


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