Bentley: Now, the local spice plants are illegal for good reason, eat too many and you'll go into a fit of uncontrolled rage.
Sly: Keep that stuff away from Murray...
— Bentley and Sly, discussing the illegal spices[src]

"Freeing the Elephant" was a job for Sly Cooper in The Predator Awakes of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Rajan's satellite array is monitoring all of the Cooper Gang's communications. Free the elephant powering the array before Rajan learns too much of the gang's operation. The local illegal spices around the area can cause uncontrollable rage if too much is consumed. Find them and feed them to the elephant so Rajan can no longer listen in on the gang's operation.


Upon reaching the mission marker, Bentley tells Sly that Rajan is able to monitor all of their communications with the nearby elephant driven satellite array. Sly notes that's grim and asks if he has a plan to shut it down. Bentley states he always has a plan and points out the local spice plants are illegal for a good reason: eat too much and the consumer will go into an uncontrolled rage. Sly states they should keep it away from Murray, but he gets what the plan is: he will put some spice plants into the elephant's feed bag and when the elephant eats the plants, it will get all crazy and the satellite will have no power. Bentley calls Sly's interpretation of the plan crude, but accurate, however the trick here is harvesting the spice plants. Sly will need to do some serious climbing as, according to Bentley, the plants only grow high up in the jungle canopy.

After Sly gathers six plants, Bentley tells Sly to take them to the elephant's feed bag. Once Sly does so, he will say goodbye to the satellite array. The elephant will then eat the food from its feed bag, causing it to go into an uncontrolled rage and snap out of its restraints. After the elephant charges off, the job is completed.

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