Bentley: Looks like hard-partying Team Iceland has already gone to sleep. Time to "borrow" one of their Viking helmets.
Murray: Why do you need me? Just have Sly pick the lock to the door and steal the thing.
Bentley: This is a delicate business. We're trying to frame Team Iceland for a crime they haven't committed. If there's any evidence of their door being forced, people might believe that they're innocent.
Murray: Man... you've gotten devious over the years!
— Talking about how to frame Team Iceland

"Frame Team Iceland" was a job for Murray and Sly Cooper in Flight of Fancy of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.

Background Edit

Sly and Murray must frame Team Iceland by "borrowing" one of their Viking helmet.


Now that Team Iceland has fallen asleep, it is now time for the gang to steal one of their Viking helmets. Murray asks why he needs his help, while Sly could simply steal it. Bentley explains to him that this is a delicate business, as they are framing Team Iceland for a crime they are not responsible for. If there is any evidence that their hotel was raided, people might believe they are innocent.

There are sewer pipes beneath town that should connect up with the hotel ventilation systems. Sly obtains a raft for them to use. Murray hops down into the sewers with Sly, and the two row the boat through the sewers. Once they come across a dock, Sly hops off and makes his way to the hotel vent, while Murray stays and keeps the raft safe. Once inside, Sly silently sneaks past the sleeping hotel staff and the burglar-traps. He grabs the helmet and heads back to Murray and the raft. Once he returns, they must escape through another tunnel, as the valve gates have changed positions.

Once they make it back out, Sly hands Murray the helmet. Murray must now finish the job by heading over to Team Belgium's hangar and sabotaging their prize plane. Once inside, he must first use his Aboriginal Ball Form to destroy four anchors that hold the plane in place. Once the plane falls, Murray plants the Viking helmet inside the plane and heads out. When the Belgians see this, they are sure to go after Team Iceland in the semifinals.