Despite it's temple-like facade, this place is really some sort of training ground. Stay on your toes.
— Bentley to Sly just outside the Panda King's "temple"[src]

"Flaming Temple of Flame" was a job in Fire in the Sky of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.


Sly enters a temple-like area, crossing a broken bridge before sliding down a rope onto a cliffside. Bentley tells Sly to stay on his toes, as this place is actually some sort of training ground, despite its temple-like facade.

Laser grid security systems and other obstacles block the way, but Sly uses the hooks in place to make his way around the cliff to the front of the temple, defeating guards along the way. Inside the temple are many monkeys practicing with their nun-chucks balanced on top of poles. Sly makes his way to the back of the room, and gains access to the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, which allow him to reach a rope that leads out the side of the building. Another rope leads to a rooftop on the opposite side of a deep canyon, guarded by more enemies. Using firework discs and climbing poles, Sly reaches a high drop, but it gives him no trouble. He swings from hook to hook, and is soon at another laser grid, which protects a safe. After cracking the safe, Sly heads out along the neck of a large statue, and collects the treasure key.


There are 25 clues in this stage, and the vault is located in the last room before the key, on the left side of the floor lasers. The combination to the vault is 9-3-2.

Lucky for you I'm versed in chaos theory, otherwise this code would have been unsolvable. Input 9-3-2.
— Bentley[src]


  • This is the only job in the game that contains an odd number of clue bottles (25).