This page is about the character from the upcoming film. For the upcoming film, see Sly Cooper (film).
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Everybody be cool... I'm on it.
— Sly Cooper

Sly Cooper is the eponymous protagonist of the upcoming film, Sly Cooper. He is a male raccoon with gray fur and brown eyes. He is best friends and partners in crime with Bentley Turtle and Murray Hippo.

Sly will appear in the upcoming film, Sly Cooper, and is voiced by Ian James Corlett.


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Physical appearanceEdit

Sly Cooper is a raccoon, recognizable with gray fur and black markings. He wears a blue cap on his head and a similarly styled blue shirt with a yellow collar. His gray pants and black boots and gloves match the color of his fur. He wears a traditional domino-style thief mask. He often carries around his cane, consisting of a prominent gilded hook and a straight haft of gnarled wood.


Sly Cooper is a cunning, devious, nimble-witted, brave, and good-natured thief. He remains loyal and dedicated to any he calls his friend, especially his lifelong friends, Bentley and Murray. Nonetheless, Sly is very calm, laid-back, level-headed, rational, and manages to keep a cool head in stressful and chaotic situations. Apparently, due to his family being killed by Clockwerk, even a mention of the word clock or time throws him off of his game.


Sly Cooper is very agile and athletic, able to leap onto roofs with ease and slide down ropes via his ancestral cane. He is also a fast runner.